Absolute Sword Sensechapter 65: vice commander (2)

Since he put it like that, doesn’t it sound like I made some major mistake?

Either way, she was previously destined to enter some other faction. If it was possible to acquire her father Sima Chak through this, it was an amazing chance for us

-Is it as easy as you say?

Iron Sword, who was deeply concerned, questioned me, but the dice had already been cast.

[I didn’t do anything. Haven’t you heard Teacher?]

[That woman came to me on her own two feet.]


Hae Ack-chun looked at Sima Young and clicked his tongue.

No matter how eccentric the guy was, he seemed to have a greater reputation for being more reasonable.

Yet, his face stiffened as he continued to speak to me.

[Seo Kalma doesn’t know about this?]

[He doesn’t know.]

[Ha…! Then how did you know?]

[Some rumors in the eastern vicinity of Guizhou province had made their way to our family once.]

[What do you mean?]

[About a hundred dead bodies were found between Honam and Guiju and my family was asked to cooperate to find the cause.]

[And the cause was the Wicked Moon Sword?]

[Yes. As a result of finding traces of the battle, it led us to the valley he was staying in and the person we found was Sima Chak.]

[… his base.]

[Like the teacher said. My father and the people of various sects who found it invaded the place…]

[Of course. But didn’t they know that he is one of the Four Great Evils?]

[Yes. And everyone was annihilated. No, one person survived by luck.]

[Your father.]


This much of an explanation seemed enough.

Seeing this naturally spin around, it felt like my spying skills hadn’t died yet.

-Probably because you are a pathological liar.

I cannot hear what you are saying so I will not respond.

-You are one item dude.

In any case, Hae Ack-chun fell for the lies.

[Seeing how this information hasn’t been spread, your father must be ashamed of what happened.]

This! He was insulting the lord of the family!

To Hae Ack-chun, my father was a person who concealed this fact so that the shame of being the lone survivor wouldn’t be discovered by others

-You don’t seem that upset.

Well, I was treated like trash in my own family and almost abandoned, why would I feel sorry?

Hae Ack-chun narrowed his eyes,

[And what are you planning now?]

When I was asked for my inner thoughts, I felt half caught

[This is gunpowder which we don’t know when it will explode. Bringing something like that into us, you must have lost your mind.]

[Can’t we think of this in another manner?]

[Another manner?]

[If we build a nice relationship with Miss Sima, we may be able to attract her father to us.]

[Ha! If it was that easy, don’t you think someone would have tried?]

Although Hae Ack-chun was quite eccentric, he had a calm mind.

He must have judged that the risk was greater than taking her in. But after a year of spending time with him, I learned something

[Teacher has spoken, so this matter is simple. If you want to, we can reveal her identity and ask her to go…?]

Hae Ack-chun frowned at my words.

The second option was a more difficult scenario, if her true identity was revealed after she had just thanked us for allowing her entrance into the sect, that would make the ties that bound us more complicated.

[That cannot happen]

There was nothing good about pretending to be against the Four Great Evils.

[This is troublesome. So, do we need to take the risk? I’d rather let the Second Elder have her if Teacher is fine with that.]

[What? You mean him?]

Hae Ack-chun looked at Seo Kalma. Seeing how Seo Kalma’s eyes didn’t leave Sima Young for even a second, it was almost as if he was already coveting her talent.

From the moment she was accepted, I could feel Hae Ack-chun’s expression turn dark.

As I had thought, this provocation worked well.

-What provocation?

‘The old man doesn’t like to lose.’

To Hae Ack-chun, Sima Young was a troublesome existence.

If it was forced on him, that was fine, but he was not willing to hand her over to others as she was too precious.

However, it was certain that if he could be convinced that she could attract her father Sima Chak to our side, the results of this could not simply be explained by words.

Thinking he said,

[Can you take responsibility for this?]

Eventually, he let his trepidations go.

Well, I did know I was going to be the one to bear the risks. Of course, the instant she became a subordinate of Hae Ack-chun, I would not be the only person responsible.

I nodded and tried to answer when Hae Ok-seong took what appeared to be a wooden box to Sima Young.


A wooden box with blood parasites in it. However, since she was a talented person close to the level of a vice commander I thought the usual rules wouldn’t apply.

But this was a natural process. But will they do it even if they know whose daughter she was?

Baek Ryeon-ha soon explained,

“Miss Sima. As you might know, our sect is still hiding below the eyes of the greater Murim. No matter how much your allegiance is sworn, we cannot trust you right away.”

“This is natural.”

Sima Young responded with a firm voice. It felt like she was also prepared to be punished to some extent.

“It feels good to see your resolve. Leader Hae?”


Hae Ok-seon opened the lip of the container and under it was a red bug which made Sima Young frown.

Who would look happy when they realize they needed to eat that?

“Oh. I can have it on behalf of her.”

I heard Song Jwa-baek mumble next to me. This brat is totally smitten by her appearance.

Sima Young, who looked a bit troubled, asked Hae Ok-seon in a lowered voice,

“Can I take it down with water?”

-Ah, where did I hear this?

At Short Sword’s words, I had to choke a smile. This was like looking at me from a year back.

Sima Young, who was frowning, closed her eyes and gulped it down.

Looking at her blue face I could tell that it was painful, and Baek Ryeon-ha said,

“We sincerely welcome you into our sect.”

Baek Ryeon-ha’s voice was so blunt. It was different from when she spoke to me or the elders.

“Ugh. T-thank you.”

Sima Young responded, trying to hold back the nausea that was washing over her.

Baek Ryeon-ha looked around and said,

“Now that this has passed, it is better to decide who will take Miss Sima before we leave.”

She was moving ahead with her duties. And perhaps Second Elder would ask–

“Since I recruited her into the sect, I will take responsibility for her till the end.”

With those words, Seo Kalma looked at Han Baekha and Hae Ack-chun.

It was a warning to not try to snatch her. It looked like he was fond of her.

“For those who will receive Miss Sima is Uncle Seo…”


At that time, Han Baekha moved,

“If Miss Sima is fine with it, I would like her too.”

Baek Ryeon-ha was shocked by this.

Maybe she didn’t expect that the Bloody Hand Witch would also want to covet this girl.

Everyone was anxious to recruit those who were skilled, this was only natural.

Muttering to me, Hae Ack-chun said,

[I really hope that your judgment turns out to be correct.]

Hae Ack-chun was now sure that everyone wanted her. Right. It was better to take her in than let others have her.

“My lady. I would also like to accept her,” said Hae Ack-chun who was also showing his interest.

Seo Kalma, who was the first to step up, didn’t like this.

The warriors of the Blood Sect watched this with great interest. A rare sight that normally wouldn’t happen during the selection process.

In order to attain one talented person, the Blood Star and Venerable Dignitaries came out willing to fight.


In the meantime, I could see Gu Sang-woong hating this.

He also wanted to take in Sima Young, maybe it was due to the loss of his other subordinates or her appearance but unfortunately, he had too many strong competitors here.

“… I didn’t think that all three would want her. I will give the chance to Miss Sima.”

Even if she didn’t take the test, her strength was guaranteed by the Second Elder.

-Would this happen if her identity was known?


Even the Ghastly Monster Hae Ack-chun was hesitant to touch her, so why would the others be willing?

“Could the three elders briefly introduce themselves?”

The rules of the selection process were being followed. Now they had to appeal to her.

-As you predicted.

Of course. This was a fixed procedure.

If she chose Seo Kalma or Han Baekha we would lose her. Preparing for this, I had to say one thing.

I have to tell her to choose Hae Ack-chun,


Just as I was about to send her a message.



Sima Young raised her hand to speak to Baek Ryeon-ha who was looking at her with curiosity.

“If I have the choice here, can I go under the person I want to?”

“Yes. Have you decided who it will be?”


Sima Young nodded her head making Seo Kalma believe that it would be him.

He seemed convinced that he was the one who she would choose. But Sima Young turned her head to me with a smile.


This was good, even if I didn’t ask her, she was choosing Hae Ack-chun. Then I could ask her for another favor.

Baek Ryeon-ha asked,

“Who do you want to go under?”

At those words, everyone focused their attention on her. Everyone wanted to know who she was going to choose.

“Yah. I have decided.”

Suddenly, Song Jwa-baek mumbled.


With a happy face, he said,

“Did you see her looking at me just now? She will come to our side.”


-… what is with this guy?

That is what I wanted to say, as Iron Sword said,

-My former master said that the more naïve one is the more easily they fall in love.

-Right! Right, your former master knew all this so why didn’t he get married?


He keeps saying former master this, former master that, so I wondered what kind of existence he was to Iron Sword.

And in that instant, Sima Young said,


Perhaps it was because she smiled at me, both Seo Kalma and Hae Ack-chun looked at each other anxiously, and then came the unexpected words.

“I want to join as the subordinate of Vice Commander So Wonhwi.”


In an instant, everyone had turned to look at me.

So embarrassing!

Naturally, I was expecting everyone to look at Hae Ack-chun. But now, I could not even use the old man as my shield.

“… you want to join as the Young Master’s subordinate?”

Asked Baek Ryeon-ha as she looked at me.

Not just her, every other man here was looking at me with jealous eyes.

Song Jwa-baek was no exception, mumbling to himself, “Why you?!”’

‘This is insane.’

If I had known it would be like this, I wouldn’t have requested her.

I was going to die of embarrassment when Sima Young looked at me and asked ‘Did I do well?’ with her innocent face.